Cost Improvement Framework

Cost Improvement Framework

By strengthening the coordination and transparency of cost saving activities throughout your organization, you can improve your success rate by upto 70%. Let our seasoned experts help you implement your Cost Improvement Program using our standard framework, tailored to your specific needs. Implementation is fast and your new or ...

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Program Office Support

Program Office Support

Each cost management program has a program office to support the day-to-day activities of the organization during and after the implementation phase The program office can be implementaed directly within the company, or it can be provided on a service level agreement by Cost Improvement Consultants, while the company focuses on its own core activities; The main activities of the program office ...

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Cost Improvement Training….

Cost Improvement Training….

Our training seminars provide participants with the knowledge and tools to successfully implement a cost improvement strategy or program.

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Cost Improvement

COST IMPROVEMENT is a long-term approach to improving the fundamental use of the organizations’ resources.

As a continuous improvement activity, it includes cost reduction, cost savings, restructuring and business turnaround activities.

Cost Improvement looks at the entire cost base of the company, and takes a step-by-step / year-by-year approach to ensuring the better use of company resources, while improving overall productivity.

Management as part of its strategic planning defines an annual cost improvement target, and then seeks sufficient actions or measures to achieve or exceed this goal....

Structured – Cost Improvement Program

Implementing our cost improvement program – guarantees success by defining organization, responsibilities, rules & cost reduction measures ...

Tracking & Reporting Software

Successful cost improvement programs need organizational transparency, activity tracking, early warning, success highlights, best practice sharing & on-line scorecards. Our software ...

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Without a well structured cost improvement program - You lose 40% of  annual savings potential - about 2% of sales!!
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