Lean Manufacturing

March 02, 2011  |   Posted by :  

Lean Manufacturing is a continuous cost improvement process which addresses waste in the manufacturing process.  LEAN as it is referred to, is a generic adaption of concepts which were developed since 1948 by the Toyota Motor Company, and referred to ...

Systematic Process Management

March 02, 2011  |   Posted by :  

Business processes in most organizations offer considerable cost savings opportunities. By taking a systematic approach to improving business process, profitable and sustainable results can be achieved, often in the medium term. The main focus is to systematically evaluate these processes with ...

Cost Improvement

February 03, 2011  |   Posted by :  

COST IMPROVEMENT is a long-term approach to improving the fundamental use of the organizations’ resources.  As a is a continuous improvement activity, it includes cost reduction, cost savings, restructuring and business turnaround activities.  COST IMPROVEMENT looks at the entire cost ...

Corporate Cost Improvement Manager

December 02, 2010  |   Posted by :  

A well structured cost improvement manager following a process oriented approach, can improve your profitability by ca. 2% of sales.  In benchmark organizations, the corporate Cost Improvement Manager usually reports to top management.  Responsible for the overall implementation, coordination, operation ...

Management Commitment: A Success Factor

November 03, 2010  |   Posted by :  

Like all management initiatives at the corporate level, cost improvement requires the commitment of management.  Not just in the setting of targets and being present at the kick-off meeting, but more importantly to make it part of the business strategy, ...

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