Corporate Cost Improvement Manager

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A well structured cost improvement manager following a process oriented approach, can improve your profitability by ca. 2% of sales.  In benchmark organizations, the corporate Cost Improvement Manager usually reports to top management.  Responsible for the overall implementation, coordination, operation & success of the companies cost savings / cost improvement activities, this position works with senior management to establish the companies cost savings / cost improvement targets.

The Cost Improvement Manager, ensures that measure finding workshops are undertaken and that the measures are then assigned to an appropriate project manager or Measure Owner.  The main task is to ensure the implementation of the individual measures and therefore the overall program success.  With many existing programs running success rates under 60%, the value added of a strongly performing cost improvement manager can be significant.

The position of Cost Improvement Manager is an critical aspect of Cost Improvement. We are providing you with a sample job profile for your Cost Improvement Manager.  Should you need additional support, we can also provide you with either an interim or long term Cost Improvement Manager to get you up and running and ensure your programs success. Just let us know how we can help.

>> Download Cost Improvement Manager – Job Profile

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