As part of our commitment to promoting Cost Improvement Management, we are providing a range of resources which apply directly to the understanding and implementation of cost improvement, productivity, cost savings, turnaround and restructuring activities.

The resources area will be enhanced on a step-by-step basis.  So keep an eye on it, as new resources will appear regularly.

If you have ideas, suggestions or proposals for the resource area, please do not hesitate to let us know.


A selection of articles written by our team on the various aspects of cost improvement management, including critical success factors, setting targets, implementing programs and getting employees and management on-board.

Best Practice Downloads

This is a selection of our best practice examples.  All of these articles can also be found in the Best Practice area, where they are categorized according to area of implementation.  Here the articles can be downloaded in PDF format.


We have a certain list of books to which we always refer, as we write articles and undertake projects.  Some of these books may also be useful to you, and therefore, we have begun to produce a list of our favorites.


As an ongoing exercise in market trends, we review published research from leading consulting companies.  Here you will find links to some of these articles.

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