Measure Identification Workshop

We coach & support your team to find measures which will exceed the target

One of the most common approaches to finding measures is to hold a Measure Identification Workshop.  We believe in this approach, but feel that an outside expert view, a structured format and considerable organization, enhance the results significantly.

Over two intense days, your team coached by our seasoned experts, will be challenged to find sufficient measures to meet and exceed your cost savings / cost reduction targets.

We tailor the workshop to your specific needs. We spend time with you in advance to understand the business targets, areas of sensitivity and help select the key participants for the workshop.

Our facilitators themselves are experts in cost improvement and been involved in multiple cost reduction programs. Our goal is to bring a neutral outside perspective, as well as our experience, industry knowledge and best practices.

The cost of a 2 day workshop (including preparation) is €5950 (ca. US$7,500) plus local taxes and travel.

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