Tracking & Monitoring Software

QuantumLeap is a platform designed especially to manage the implementation and progress of cost-improvement, restructuring and turnaround activities.

Management has an immediate and live view of all ongoing actions, both by unit, function and category. The employees responsible for the actual measures update QuantumLeap.

As well as a reporting tool, this Intranet based system, provides project management functionality for the individual activities, including task sharing, progress updating, timeline and risk identification.

Employees worldwide can access this role-based easy-to-use system, to view and manage their own activities.  Naturally, managers can see all activities in their own area of responsibility.

QuantumLeaps’ main business features are:

  • A Structured Step-by-Step Approach to Entering / Managing Measures
  • Instant Status Information to Management
  • Full View of all Activities across Organization
  • Early Warning of Problems
  • Comparison of Success by Department / Business Unit
  • Sharing Ideas & Common Measures across Units

While QuantumLeap requires minimal training, some minor adaptions for customers’ organization and business needs are usually required.  The software uses standard Web 2.0 components and the business process is defined by Cost Improvement Consultants.  It is installed very quickly, requiring a web server and database. Assuming the necessary conditions are available, implementation including adaption takes on average 5 working days.

QuantumLeap is usually installed at the customer location, but can be provided on a hosted model.  We can provide on-going application support on request.


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