Measure Manager Seminar

Classroom Seminar:

As a manager with business responsibility or a cost reduction program coordinator you are responsible for the implementation some portion of a cost improvement program.  This may be for the company, a business unit, function, a region or a department.  During this seminar – we learn the fundamentals of implementing or reorienting your program – with a view to achieving a high level of success.  This seminar consists of 6 modules, plus 2 breakout sessions and a simulated Measure Identification Workshop based on our Azura Corporation case study.  The seminar is fully interactive – with questions, answers and open discussion.

How you will benefit?

  • Influencing the improvement of business performance and profitability
  • Know how to implement and operate a successful cost improvement program
  • Differentiating between short term temporary and long term permanent savings
  • Understanding the key factors leading to success
  • How to identify realistic cost improvement opportunities
  • Structuring and managing cost improvement measures
  • Overview of current best practices in cost improvement
  • Know how cost improvement relates to the overall business strategy and targets
  • Communicating and creating positive awareness

What you will cover

  • Critical success factors for cost improvement projects
  • Defining achievable cost improvement targets
  • Establishing a Cost Improvement Program
  • Identifying and defining cost improvement measures
  • Using project management techniques to track cost improvement activities
  • Cultural and organizational issues and barriers
  • Simulated Measure Identification Workshop
  • Extended Seminar Outline>>

Who should Attend

  • CEO / CFOs
  • Cost Savings / Cost Reduction Managers
  • Business Unit and Regional Leaders
  • Productivity Managers
  • COO / VP of Operations
  • Business Controllers
  • Senior and midlevel managers responsible for cost savings
  • Consultants / Cost Saving Coordinators

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