Basics for Success – Live Online

Without a well structured cost improvement program - You lose 40% of annual savings potential - about 2% of sales!!

This instructor live online cost improvement seminar provides you with proven tools to successfully implement a cost improvement strategy or program. In six 45 minute modules, you learn about target setting, program setup, measure identification, critical success factors and tracking measures to completion.

How you will benefit?

  • Influencing the improvement of business performance and profitability
  • Know how to implement and operate a successful cost improvement program
  • Differentiating between short term temporary and long term permanent savings
  • Understanding the key factors leading to success
  • How to identify realistic cost improvement opportunities
  • Structuring and Managing cost improvement measures
  • Overview of current best practices in cost improvement
  • Know how cost improvement relates to the overall business strategy and targets
  • Communicating and creating positive awareness

What you will cover

  • Critical success factors for cost improvement projects
  • Defining achievable cost improvement targets
  • Establishing a Cost Improvement Program
  • Identifying and defining cost improvement measures
  • Using project management techniques to track cost improvement activities
  • Cultural and organizational issues and barriers
  • Extended Seminar Outline>>

Who should Attend

Senior and midlevel managers responsible for cost improvement activities…cost reduction managers, measure owners, cost engineers, IT analysts and VPs of manufacturing.

Online Training Schedule

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