Extended Outline

During the course of the cost improvement training, we seek to address a wide range of questions below.  The training participant should come out at the end with a clear general understanding of the cost improvement program, and which steps to take, in order to ensure its success.

Module 1 – Leveraging Cost Improvement

Which “wins” which can be achieved by implementing a structured cost improvement program?

What are critical success factors and how these can be achieved?

Can we describe the potential risks or downsides and how to avoid them?

How do best in-class companies operate?

Module 2 -Establishing Corporate Cost Improvement Targets

Are clear targets are necessary to the success of the cost improvement program?

How can we define the type and depth of the target?

What are the pitfalls and risks involved in target setting?

How do we quantify a cost improvement target?

Where do we focus for maximum impact?

Module 3 -Six Steps to Implementing a Cost Improvement Program

What does a cost improvement process look like?

Which procedures need to be in place to ensure it works effectively?

Who owns the cost improvement program?

Are there tools, which can support the process?

Who is responsible for the cost improvement measures?

What’s my role?

Module 4 -Defining Projects and Measures

What does a cost improvement measure look like?

Who defines these measures?

Should cost improvement measures be considered long-term or short term?  how are they measured?

How do we find the appropriate cost improvement measures?

Are there best practices available or must we start from scratch?

Module 5 -Winning Employee & Management Support

Which role does everybody have?

Do the employees understand the reason for the cost improvement program?

Have they “bought-in” and are they willing to contribute?

Is management committed to the program?

How do we communicate with the organization?

How do we communicate with management?

Module 6 -Tracking Measures to Success

What is the overall status of all ongoing cost saving activities in the company?

Have we the ability to identify problems early enough to take corrective action?

How do we define the progress or status of a cost improvement measure?

How do we report the current status of our activities?

How do we know we’re really saving money?

How do we measure success?

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