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Our focus is continuous cost improvement – Our speciality is structuring cost savings programs – Our value proposition is target achievement.

We work with customers who recognize the need to implement a cost savings, cost improvement or turnaround program, and see the benefits of managing the cost saving activities under one project or program.  We bring the structure – Our customers bring the savings ideas – although we can help here too, if requested.

Cost Improvement Consultants has its roots in the global Automotive Industry.   Each partner has at least 15 years of hands-on operational experience.  We represent many industry sectors and business functions. We understand the importance of working in a pragmatic, no-nonsense spirit with our client’s team.

As an international team, we understand the challenges faced by cross-cultural and matrixed organizations, and can therefore operate effectively both nationally or internationally.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of cost-improvement activities. Some were good, but many were only marginally successful. This experience together with the events of the Financial Crisis,  gave us the drive to set-up the practice, with the vision of establishing a far higher standard in the area of cost-improvement.

We hope you share our vision, and look forward to working together.

Cost Improvement Consultants UG

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